The HD Professional Layout

The best part of the professional layout is the ability to create sections within your pages.

This helps break up content so users are not looking at one long page of text and getting mentally fatigued which may lead to them hitting the back button.

Here are some of the added features you could see with a Professional layout

New grid and text layout options

Organising your content with style

The Professional layout makes use of a grid layout system to enhance the appearance of your website. You can see more on the Grid Layout page.

Text blocks make it easy to place content in the grid and with the Custom Headings, Message Boxes, and line break text options there is plenty of ways to a unique touch to any site.

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Multiple media elements

From images to videos

There are many ways to display images from a single image, gallery, grid, slider, or carousel. If you have a flickr account you could even set your site to load and display them on your pages.

With WordPress you can also embed a YouTube video by simply copying and pasting the video link. It will automatically work out the width and height and give you a great marketing tool to reach your audience.

News and Social Media

Reaching your market

If you use your site to communicate to your viewers with a news or blog page then there are extra options available to enhance your visitors experience.

A post slider or masonry post grid is a great way to display your latest entries with a bit of a difference to keep people interested.

To help share your site news there are also social media options available to assist you expand your audience.

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Graphics and Buttons

Aiding information and navigation

A few tools are available to help portray information effectively. Progress bars work great to display project advancements or skill levels.

Pie graphs are an easy way to quickly give the reader a representation of work completed or funds raised.

Links can also be enhanced with buttons to grab the attention of a visitor quickly and easily assist with internal navigation. Call to action bars help break up a long page and offer quick, precise links right when they are needed.

This is a call to action bar, great for placing focused links

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Contacting your business

Reaching out to the world

Adding communication tools to your site can greatly assist with helping you interact with your clients.

Forms can be customised to act as a simple inquiry or something more fine tuned to fit your needs such as a booking form or quote request.

The addition of a Google Maps helps those find your premises quickly and with the high use of smartphones and GPS they could have directions in no time.

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