Present yourself in style

This style of presentation is rapidly moving across the web and not only does it give visitors a great first impression, it also keeps the information simple and easy to digest. By doing this you can actually get more concepts across in less time.

Break the mould

Gone are the days where websites are all built with the same pixel widths and layouts. Modern sites are about breaking out of the old systems and looking for different ways to represent you within your website.

Responsive Design

With the multiple devices available websites are now built to react differently based on what the reader is using. This style of website is focused on each elements conforming to the core concepts of Responsive Design.

Flexibility & Customisation

The older basic style of website did not leave a lot of room to differentiate one website layout from another but now designers have more tools to customise a website to match your marketing or brand.

Visually spoil your visitors

There are multiple ways you can alter your rows to help break up the content and keep a page interesting.

Row backgrounds can be enhanced by using colours, gradients, images, videos, overlays, separators, variable width & height, or even parallax or continuous scrolling to give a 3D feel to your page.


This row in particular has an image with an pattern overlay on it with a vertical parallax setting (that’s how the background is moving slower than the normal scrolling you are doing).

Full Colour


Adjustable Size




Deliver eye catching information

Be different

Information can be delivered in multiple styles from simple boxes of text to options with icons, images or even animations.

Add focus

Keeping peoples attention is important on a website and a modern setup has the features to do it

Element Animations

Add a little bit of flair to elements with a slight introduction or hover animation as people scroll down the page.

Hover on me!

Here is an example of adding a unique touch to your site. Hover over this box and see what happens!

Just like that!

Welcome to the other side! It may seem like a neat gimmick but why not use it to your advantage?

Hover over me as well!

Another nice way to offer a point of difference while using images or branding material you use elsewhere.

A Modal Box

A modal box is a simple way to add extra content while using as little or as much space as you’d like. Go ahead and click the button to see what I mean!

This is only a tiny sample of the information Box options available to be used on your website from timelines to price boxes and so much more…

Stand out from the crowd

The ability to change the style of something as simple as text, a link, or a button can be an effective way to help dress a website. It’s all part of the mission to keep a website engaging and the reader interested and entertained.

Even the title you see here has a nice simple typing animation that can give the page a bit of movement and life.

Highlighted Effects

Fancy Text & Headers


Creative Links & Buttons


Google Font Library