The HD Basic web style

Here is an example of what a basic web layout could look like. There is also a sub-page example as well as a contact page example as well.

Small business web solutions

I like to help people get on the net.


Having an online presence is a must have for everyone nowadays whether it be a small business website or a page on a social media site.

HD build sites to communicate with your audience. Whether it be through extension of your brand online or creating an information gateway for readers to answer questions, we want to help you grow and reach out.

Sites can also be developed to be responsive to the device your user is visiting you on (try it now, shrink down this site and watch it change!)

Building your Brand

FacebookProfile3I use my computer to bring concepts to life

While building websites is a fun part of what I do and out in the big wide world to see, graphic design and brand development is an everyday aspect of HD I enjoy to help small businesses be seen.

Graphic design is a lot of fun, it is taking an idea and concept and creating a message. There is also a lot of variety in the work from logos, print ads/flyers, DL rack cards, billboards and even branding for clothes.